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Annabel Hammer

I am so excited to teach you and your birth partner Hypnobirthing! I have 10 years experience working with pregnant patients in my acupuncture practice in the UK and for the past 2 years I have taught Hypnobirthing in the UK and now Australia. I can help you navigate your birth calmly and confidently and will guide you to make informed decisions to help you have a positive birth experience.  



My complete package with everything you need to prepare for a positive birth.


I teach "Hypnobirthing for All" so you can be prepared for all types of births in all types of settings. 

My classes run over 4 weeks, accompanied by the full selection of support materials and relaxation MP3s.


It is never too late in your pregnancy to start hypnobirthing. If you are nearing the end of your pregnancy or hoping for a more budget friendly option this package may be right for you. 


Whether you have already attended a Hypnobirthing course and your circumstances have now changed or you are electing to have a caesarean birth for any other medical reason, this workshop is for you.

Learn about your choices and options for your birth to prepare for a positive birth experience. 

My courses
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